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Oasis 5.9 Duo Extra Depth Platinum

Oasis 4 Meter Swim Spa

Oasis 4.4 Meter Swim Spa

Oasis 5.5 Meter Swim Spa

Oasis 5.9 Meter Duo Swim Spa

Oasis 5.5 Extra Depth Platinum

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Our swim spas are built to last with premium components and the thickest shells on the market. Our Power Saver Technology will save you thousands over the life of your spa and our Easy Care Technology makes maintenance simple. Our 6-layer laminated “tough bond” shells are one of the thickest shells available (8-10mm thick) and our oven curing process ensures your shell is as strong as possible. If you shop around, be sure to check the thickness of the spa shell.

Quieter, roomier and more comfortable and with better technology our spas feature targeted hydrotherapy and a liquid aromatherapy system that allows you to surround yourself with soothing fragrances via the air jets.

As the world leaders in swimming spa technology our swim spas are more enjoyable to swim in. And all of our products come with premium features included in the price. If you’re looking for a premium spa or swim spa at an affordable price, Oasis offers unbeatable value for the discerning customer.