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Unit 1/96 Canterbury Road
Bayswater North, VIC 3153

Ph: (03) 8761 6334

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10:00am – 5pm      Monday, Thursday & Friday
10:00am – 4pm      Saturday & Sunday
By Appointment    Tuesday & Wednesday (Call 0409 383 475)

Spachoice Swim Spa Super Store is the ultimate swim spa store in Bayswater North, Melbourne, Victoria. Spachoice are leading retailers of Fun Spas, Oasis Spas, Swim Spas & Plunge Pools and ELK Spas. Get Directions here.

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Swim Spa Super Store

Our Swim Spa super store is your one stop shop for an Oasis Swim Spa or Plunge Pool. We have a huge variety of Swim Spas on display, from 4m up to 8m in length and also our Duo Swim Spa which features a spa and swim spa section together in one 5.9m unit.

We are located on Canterbury Road, right next to Bayswater Beaurepairs and Carousel Icecream & Cake. To visit the store you turn in as if you were going to turn into Beaurepairs and then take a sharp right into our car park. Alternatively, you can turn left onto Burgess Street and park behind the store.

Come and visit Dean & Zoe for all your Swim Spa queries or give us a call on (03) 8761 6334 today.

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About our Products

Fun Spas

Fun Spas are a great option for those who like entertaining. Fun Spas feature 4 levels of insulation, digital touchpad control and a lockable hardcover to keep running costs down. Plus, a thermo-wood cabinet for easy maintenance with ozone satitisation being optional. The super-strong American Acrylic is thicker than most shells on the market, so stronger and more durable. They feature a 2-3kW stainless steel heater and LED lighting. To learn more about Fun Spas click here.

Oasis Spas

If your focus is hydrotherapy, you can’t beat an Oasis Spa. Oasis Spas are specially designed by Australians for Australians and the designers have over 25 years experience in the industry. Oasis Spas are designed so that each seat has a different massage experience, and water and air strength are completely adjustable. We make sure that there is the perfect pump to jet ratio, ensuring maximum hydrotherapy. Oasis Spas Feature 6-8 layers of insulation, a lockable hardcover, and smart controllers to keep your running costs low. Plus, also feature the Super Strong American Acrylic that Fun Spas Feature. As well as thermo wood cabinet, ozone sanitisation and smart controls for easy maintenance. To learn more about Oasis Spas click here.

Oasis Swim Spas

Oasis Swim Spas feature all of the amazing features and benefits of the Spa Ranges like perimeter LED lighting, No-Gap cabinets and a sealed base to ensure no pests get inside. Plus, Oasis Swim Spas feature our amazing, exclusively patented 3″ Turbo Swim Jets. Our jets have been tried and tested by industry experts and they all agree that it is the best swim spa, swimming experience yet! Learn more about Oasis Swim Spas here.

Oasis Plunge Pools

Want a pool you can use all year? Oasis Plunge Pools are for you! Oasis Plunge pools are an excellent choice for those who like to exercise in the pool, or just have fun and play with the kids. Oasis Plunge Pools feature all of the same features and benefits as the Oasis Swim Spa Range. View more about the plunge pool range here.

ELK Spas

ELK Spas are a luxurious, French/Australian inspired design. ELK Spas are designed for comfort and with their included luxury extras like Ultrazone santisation and cabinet LED lighting, ELK spas are sure to impress. Learn more about ELK Spas here.

Along with our amazing range of spas, swim spas and plunge pools, we also stock a range of chemicals and accessories for all of your spa related needs.

Come down to the store and visit our lovely team today. Get directions here.