Pre-delivery Guide


  • Using the measurements of your chosen spa, check that it will fit into the desired location.
  • Check that delivery of your spa is achievable, using the measurements of your chosen spa. (If your spa is heavy or access is limited, cranes may be required to move your spa into location.)
  • Check that your household power supply can accept your spa. A qualified licensed electrician is required to hardwire your spa to your mains power supply.
  • To prevent air locks, remove the filters and fill your spa with water through the filter area.


Before you fill your spa, lets do some checks:

  • Have you followed the site preparation
  • Have you checked the position the spa is facing?
  • Have you followed the electrical connections correctly? (Check your brochure and specifications and with your electrician.)
  • Have you made sure the drain is closed
  • Have you made sure the barrel unions are tightened? (These can loosen during transportation.)
  • Are you filling the spa through the filter to prevent air locks?

If you haven’t done these checks and a service technician is required to visit, it may be chargeable and not covered under warranty, and no one wants that!


Installing a hybrid gas or heat pump unit onto your spa creates cost effective heating options – save up to 65% on gas and 75% on heat pumps.

  • Hybrids are attached externally.
  • All hybrids require a 10amp outdoor GPO.
  • All hybrids should not be further than five metres away from the spa.
  • Gas hybrids require an additional direct gas line from the mains.
  • Installation cost can vary depending on your property and needs.


Air locks are not covered by warranty. To ensure this doesn’t happen, fill your new spa though the filter. By doing this, air locks are prevented from being created between the filter pumps and heater. If an air lock does occur, loosen the plastic nut (barrel union) located on top of the small circulation pump that functions with filtration mode.


We try to make delivery as cost effective as possible for all customers. However, access, weight or site difficulties can sometimes be an issue.

Keep the weight and size of your spa in mind and make sure access to your desired area is possible.

A standard spa delivery fee will apply depending on the distance from our warehouse (please ask your sales representative for a costing). However, any spa 500kg and over may need a crane to deliver on site which may add to the cost of delivery.


Standard delivery applies within approximately 70km of the warehouse and if there is adequate access. OH&S does not allow our contractors to physically lift over fences and/or drop spas down into position. Keep the weight and size of your spa in mind and make sure access to your desired area is possible. Any damage caused on delivery is not the responsibility of SpaChoice.


Standard delivery charges are approximately $400. This can vary depending on requirements and accessibility.

Safety and Location

Your new spa is self-contained. However, there are some considerations to take into account when determining where to put your spa.

As the owner of a new spa, you need to check with your local council or building surveyor regarding the legal requirements associated with the delivery, filling and connection of your spa.

Secure fencing is required in most countries. We advise you to check with your local authorities regarding the legal requirements for spa fencing and take their advice. We supply lockable hard covers with all of our units. However, we recommend that all spas are fenced securely to keep children and pets safe from drowning.

Your new spa needs to be positioned so that its equipment is easily accessible. We love our Service Technicians; they come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important that you have enough room for a technician to attend to all sides of the spa – allowing at least 500mm or more around all four sides for access.

If access is blocked and a technician cannot reach the area required to be repaired, and/or the spa needs to be drained or moved in any way, it is  your responsibility and cost to make sure this is done before the service technician carries out his job.

Make sure that your spa is not in an area that may flood. Wet or submersed electrical equipment can be dangerous to spa users and your spa will not be covered by warranty. Your spa comes with a drain that is located on the outside of your spa. Think about access to the drain when putting your spa into position. Make sure this is closed prior to filling or you may think your spa has a leak before you’ve started.

Do not place your spa near power outlets, sharp objects, overhead power lines, glass, prickly bushes and other hazardous things that can affect the enjoyment of your spa or hinder access in a dangerous manner.

Your Spa Needs Ventilation

If you decide to lock your spa up in a barn, shed or even give it its own room in the house, please make sure it can breathe. Ventilation is very important for keeping a healthy spa and if covered, walls, ceilings and fittings can be ruined by condensation over time.


Check your surroundings. Most of us wouldn’t like our neighbour peaking into our backyards but it does happen, especially when there is a spa involved. Also think about the orientation of your seats (your favourite seats may be recliners) and the views you will be looking at when relaxing in your new unit. Don’t position your spa so that you will be directly facing the laundry door, making you think about all the washing you should be doing…you’re supposed to be relaxing!

You may also like to think about the weather and climate of your area – would you like some kind of shelter from the sun, rain or snow? There are a number of shelter options available and they can range in price. Feel free to speak with your sales representative about some of the solutions we offer.

Hard Covers

Our covers are either square or rectangle and fold in half, so they are easily folded and stored away while your spa is being used. Think about how you will fold the cover in half and if there will be any overhead obstruction. Also think about where you will store the cover once it is off. We have a number of cover lifter options available that may suit your area, just ask your sales representative for their thoughts.

All of our covers are lockable, this helps with keeping the cover in place, prevents animals from entering and also stops it from blowing off with the wind. Keep your spa covered when not in use to maintain water quality, retain heat and protect your spa from sun or weather damage.

DO NOT leave your spa in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Doing so may void your warranty. If your spa is left exposed to direct sunlight the surface temperature can build up to 200°C. This may cause damage to your spa, its equipment and accessories. So keep your spa cover on when it is not being used and keep it sheltered from harsh weather conditions.

Hard Cover Tip

All spas come with a lockable hard cover. However, it is important to note that fencing is required in most states and you must comply with local safety regulations. We suggest that all spas are fenced securely to keep children and pets safe from drowning.

Electrical Information

The electrical supply to your new spa will require a dedicated circuit with no other appliances or sockets sharing the power.

IMPORTANT: If there are any other appliances drawing amperage from the requirements of your new spa, the electrical parts of your spa may ‘burn-out’ within a short time. Electrical burnout due to incorrect amperage WILL NOT be covered by warranty.

Spas requiring direct wire electrical connection must have:

  • A qualified electrician to fit a ‘D-CURVE’ breaker on the meter box.
  • At least enough cable in flexible conduit to reach your spa pool control box.
  • An isolating switch close to the spa.
  • A qualified electrician to do the installation and deliver a certificate of compliance.

PLEASE NOTE: No power points are to be within a two metre parameter of the spa.

10 amp plug in:
A single phase, dedicated line or hard wired 10amp circuit.

15 amp plug in:
A single phase, dedicated line or hard wired 20amp circuit.

32 amp direct wire electrical connection must have:
A single phase, dedicated, hard wired, 32 amp circuit.

45 amp direct wire electrical connection must have:
A single or three phase, dedicated, hard wired, 45 amp circuit.


Only a qualified electrician can legally install and connect the electrical requirements for your spa. If you have any questions regarding the electrical connections, please see your local SpaChoice specialist. Please see your SpaChoice specialist for high current and three phase installation procedures.

Strong Foundations

Your new spa is designed to evenly support itself. It must sit on a solid, level foundation. If the foundation subsides and the spa is not level, the spa may stress and crack, and equipment may get damaged. If this happens, the warranty will be void. It is your responsibility to supply the correct level foundation your spa needs. Please ask one of our representatives for advice on your spa’s foundation.


It is recommended that your new spa be placed on a 100mm (4”), or 150mm (6”) for swim spas, thick reinforced (74) concrete slab. Make sure that the concrete has cured for at least a week before putting the spa in place. A typical spa filled with water could weigh as much as 2500kg and if the concrete is not cured, it could crack. An uneven or cracked pad or the use of shims of any kind may cause the spa to buckle, distort and/or crack and will void the warranty on your spa.

We recommend the concrete slab is at least 200mm bigger than the spa base size to allow for possible future spa repositioning changes and foundation strength.

If the concrete slab is to be exceptionally larger than the spa base size, consider having a slight fall (5-10mm over two metres) in one direction away from the base of the spa in the remaining area to allow surface water to run off. Otherwise, allow for a small drain channel between the other surface area and your spa to avoid surface water getting under your new spa. See your Spachoice brochure for spa dimensions.


An engineer’s structural report is essential before constructing a wooden deck. The decking needs to be able to hold the weight of the spa, including water and people. In general, you will need to cater for 550kg per square metre. This is to make sure the deck can withstand the weight of the spa. We also recommend a support beam running through the middle of where the spa may sit on your deck. This will provide extra support and added safety.


DO NOT under any circumstances, put your spa on any soft surfaces like grass, sand, crushed rock or dirt. Any surface that has a tendency to settle unevenly will put pressure and tension on the spa structure and may void the warranty.


If you are placing your spa into a deck, we recommend placing your spa onto a concrete slab (see opposite) and then building the deck around your spa. It is important to allow 500mm or more around all four sides of the spa for any future service work. If you are using this method, you will also need to allow for access panels (trap door) in your decking.