Oasis Spas is a premium quality international spa brand that is sold in over 35 countries around the world. We have offices in Europe, Asia and Australia. All of our products are backed by our factory, our Australian head office and your local Oasis Spa dealer – to ensure you get advice, support and service throughout the life of your spa.

Oasis spas and swim spas are built to last with premium components and the thickest shells on the market. Power Saver Technology will save you thousands over the life of your spa and our Easy Care Technology makes maintenance simple.

Quieter, roomier and more comfortable than other brands on the market, Oasis Spas offer the ultimate spa experience. As the world leaders in swim spa technology, our swim spas are more enjoyable to swim in. All of our spas and swim spas come with premium features included in the price. If you’re looking for a premium spa or swim spa at an affordable price, Oasis spas offer unbeatable value for the discerning spa buyer.


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Oasis Paradise Classic

Oasis Maui Classic

Oasis Californian Classic

Oasis Miami Classic

Oasis Hawaiian Classic

Oasis Byron Bay Hydro

Oasis Pacific Hydro

Oasis Tuscany Hydro

Oasis Monaco

Oasis Riviera

Oasis Jamaican Hydro

Oasis Islander

Oasis Whitehaven

Oasis Miami Hydro

Oasis Hawaiian Hydro

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Features and Benefits of Oasis Spas

“No Gap” Cabinet

If your spa has large gaps between the cabinet and the
spa shell, the heat inside the cabinet escapes and cold
air enters your spa, causing the heater to turn on more
often to maintain heat. Pests and insects can also enter
and damage your spa. We tailor make every cabinet so
there are minimal gaps, trapping the heat in.

High Density Hard Cover

All Oasis spas include a high density lockable cover that
stops heat loss from the water by trapping heat under
the cover making sure it does not escape (also see
upgradeable cover options).

Easy-Care Jets

Spinning jets are awesome, but to keep them spinning,
most brands of jets have to be removed and cleaned
regularly to clear the bearings of grit, chemical residue
and body oils. Our Jets Spin on floating stainless steel
shaft so there are no bearings to fail. The screw in screw
out feature means there are no clips to break. The tough
PVC and Stainless construction also means a long life and
resistance against chemicals.

Multi-Function Control Systems

Our “set and forget” multi function control system
automatically makes sure your swim spas water is always
clean and ready to use . The “lockout” mode stops your
kids and neighbours using the swim spa when you don’t
want them to and “sleep” mode makes sure your swim spa
is economical to run whilst you are away.
(Checkout the platinum upgrade controller & optional
touch screen and more features.)

Tough Built Cabinets

Our “tough built” treated timber frames have triple
reinforced corners, cross-bracing and supports under
every seat. The entire frame is then protected by chemical
treatment, paint and a wrap-around base.
Our Oasis Whitehaven Spas and all Oasis Swim Spas have a
galvanised steel frame for extra strength.

Thermo Wood Cabinets

Our high density synthetic wood cabinet has a high level of
insulation to stop heat escaping through the walls of your
spa cabinet.

WTC Circulation Pump

Our high flow WTC circulation pump features low speed
operation but delivers a larger flow. Its low speed
operation allows it to be less abrasive, long lasting, energy
efficient and super quiet. Suitable for continuous filtration
and circulation of spas and swim spas. You can be sure
your spa meets even the most stringent energy regulations
while minimising operating expenses. Costing the same
amount as a 250W light bulb to run.

LED Lighting

All Oasis spas come with the dreamtime lighting package,
including a Large LED Light and perimeter lighting
with over 14 Different colour sequences. Creating
chromotherapy for relaxation and kaleidoscope of colours
throughout your spa. Choose a lighter colour spa shell to
get the full lighting experience. (Check out the additional
features available in our platinum upgrades.)

Easy-Care Ozone System

Our Easy-Care CD Ozone system kills germs and breaks
down body oils and our special boost chamber maximises
ozone efficiency and protects you and your spa. This
means crystal clear water with less maintenance and less

100sqft Boost Filtration

Filtration is a major part of water maintenance so we use
a “Max Flow” valve and a huge 100sqft dual cartridge filter
system to ensure more water is filtered every day. Then we
add dual pump technology – where a 3HP massage pump
draws massive amounts of water through the second filter
during use to ensure superior filtration and water clarity.

Tough Bond Shell

Our 8-10mm thick shell made with American Lucite
or Aristech acrylic with our 6 Layer fibreglass resin
construction is oven cured for strength & rigidity. With this
process and our extra thick acrylic, Oasis spas have the
strength necessary to last.

High Density Insulation

Every spa has a layer of high density “closed cell”
(waterproof) foam sprayed onto the inside of the spa shell
to stop heat loss from the water. Plus multi-layer insulation
on the inside of the “no gap” cabinet panels to reduce
power usage further.
• High density therm-wood cabinet cladding
• High density closed-cell foam on the shell
• ABS base
• High density thermal hard cover
• “No gap” cabinet
(Checkout the platinum upgrade with 8 Layer insulation